Brzesko Commune

The Brzesko Commune is located in the Malopolska Province of Poland. The Commune covers the area of ​​102 km2. The Commune consists of Brzesko Town and nine villages. At the end of 2021 Brzesko Commune had 35 531 inhabitants including 16 109 living in the Town of Brzesko.


The northern part of the commune is situated on a plain. The picturesque southern part is located in hilly areas. The town of Brzesko has an industrial character, with well-developed services and commercial functions. The rural areas surrounding Brzesko Town have lost their agricultural character in favour of residential functions.

Brzesko Commune covers the area 102 km kw.
The Commune has 36 thousand inhabitants
80 ha investment areas

Location / communication accessibility

The Brzesko commune is situated at the crossroads of routes to Kraków, Rzeszów and Nowy Sącz. It has direct access to the A4 motorway, railway line and it is only 45 minutes from the Balice airport. The national road No. 94 along the Kraków – Rzeszów route also runs through Brzesko, as well as the national road No. 75 to Nowy Sącz. These advantages make Brzesko an ideal place for a logistic base.


Distances from Brzesko: Balice International Airport – 69 km, Piwniczna (at the border with Slovakia) – 81 km, Korczowa (at the border with Ukraine) – 205 km, Medyka (at the border with Ukrain) – 209 km, Cieszyn (at the border with the Czech Republic) – 168 km, Warsaw – 308 km, Zgorzelec (at the German border) – 472 km, Gdynia Seaport  – 676 km


Leading investors

Over 3800 business entities operate in Brzesko Commune (Statistics Poland, 2021). Among the leading trades are: 872 construction companies, 798 wholesale and retail trade companies, 378 industrial companies, 332 professional, scientific and technical enterprises and 204 transport and warehouse management companies.
Leading investors in Brzesko are:

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